From giving the world one of the earliest republic to hosting one of the largest cattle fair in Asia, to being the state which gave the world one of the earliest Universities, Bihar has been the focal point of energy, learning, heritage and culture in India for the longest time. Yet this state bears a lot of underrating done by people and prominent travel website across the globe.


Lonely Planet
“It’s not the easiest state to visit, with limited English and higher than normal level of Chaos” 
One one hand Being called as not the easiest state to visit with limited English to the other hand this state gave the world it’s foremost University of Nalanda which was a major source of knowledge to the traveller’s all across the globe. In order to nullyfy the quote of giant travel magazine “Lonely Planet” Bihar hosts one of the biggest gathering of devotees and travellers around the globe for the “Kalachakra Festival” which also Includes his holiness the “Dalai lama” coming to Bihar andimparting his teaching of World Peace in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.
In the contrast to all the negative publicity which is given to Bihar by the entire segment of travel media and people, this state proves to be the best in it’s hospitality by hosting one of the biggest gathering of Sikh’s from all around the world for Prakash Parv, held at the capital city, Patna on the 350th Birth anniversary of the 10th sikh guru “Guru Gobind singh” at Patna sahib.
“Bihar doesn’t have good infrastructure and facilities and so tourists may find the stay and travel inconvenient “
Every travel destination have it’s own essence and so is Bihar. For the Opening and closing ceremony of 350th Prakash Parv the guests were greeted and made to feel comfortable by providing them world class services, which makes this state travel friendly with lots of travel circuits to Visit.
Bihar is an unexplored beauty with an exceptional hospitality to offer to the travellers across the globe. This state is the soul of Incredible India. Time has come for this state to Rise as a world class tourist destination which is accessible to all. Bihar tells the story of a state which is rising as accessible Bihar!
Art By – Tanya Tanesha
I am the history of India,
I gave the world its first Republic,
I nourished Buddha to enlightenment,
I gave world its best ancient university,
My son Chanakya was the father of Economics,
Mahavir came out of my womb to found Jainism,
My son Valmiki wrote Ramayan, the greatest Epic
Rishi Shushrut, the father of surgery, lived on my soil
My son Vatsayana wrote Kamasutra, the treatise of love,
My son Ashoka – The Great was the greatest ruler of India,
I gave birth to Aryabhatt, the great ancient mathematician,
I gave Ashoka Chakra that adorns India’s national flag ,
My son Dinkar is the national poet of India,
I gave the world its first Yoga University,
I gave India its first president,
I am the land of festivals,
I am brotherhood,
I am humility,
I am the past ,
I am the future ,
I am opportunity ,
I am revolution ,
I am culture ,
I am heritage ,
I am intellect ,
I am farmer ,
I am power ,
I am literature ,
I am poetry ,
I am love ,
I am heart ,
I am soul ,
I am yoga ,
I am global ,
I am inspiration ,
I am freedom ,
I am force ,
I am destiny ,
I am Bihar ,
…Come with your dream
I will make it a reality!!


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