Picture courtesy: Ashish Kaushik

Weaving is an art, a culture, a heritage for the villagers of Nepura, 12km away from Rajgir. The weavers produce myriad designs of fine fabric, tailored by trained men and women which reflects centuries old practice in Tassar silk and Khadi weaving.

Picture courtesy: Ashish Kaushik

With the advent of time and technology, handloom industry has suffered a setback but despite of all this Nepura, a village in Nalanda district has kept intact with their tradition. It accounts for major contribution to mak e Bihar, the largest producer of Silk in India.

A centre for Tussar Silk

Nepura is a centre for the weaving of Tassar Silk, developed from special variety of cocoons raised on arjun and sal trees. Pit Loom and Thigh reeling are the major craft techniques used by the artists. Along with the silk, sericulture and silk processing are the major acts here.

Video courtesy : Ashish Kaushik

“We have been weaving since centuries now, to preserve the precious art of our ancestors. The handloom industry is at a Verge of dying due to the modern powerloom industry, but we still hope for the uprise of the art. Silk weaving is a beautiful art and has its own beauty which can’t be matched by any powerloom” Dashrath Kumar, a 24 years old Weaver.”

Weaving for generations

This village is home to several handloom artisans with 50 families, retaining this traditional art by passing on from one generation to the other, along with the handlooms and other equipment. Most men and women begin to learn the art of weaving as young girls/ boys from their mothers, fathers and grandmothers. Every process is carried out from their home, and the whole family helps out! Thus, the industry flourishes from the homes of these artisans.

Tourism Award

Nepura bagged the tourism award 2009 and has been developed as one of the holiday villages in India. One can see the entire procedure of silk making here from the beginning to the end. There are few Resorts in Nepura Village for the tourists to make the stay comfortable. The village gives a perfect tour with a blend of handicraft and tourism


  1. Nepura. A must visit place for all who are interested in exploring the culture if Bihar & especially those people who says that Bihar is a culture less state.
    Covering this photo documentary was one of the best part of my life. & thank you Bihar Bytes for sharing this ❤

  2. There is a need for the upliftment of this handloom industry by government. The village of weaver’s pertain the Art is really a remarkable thing in this era. We all have to come forward to raise voice for making our Bihar a beautiful state of Art n culture.


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