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I am from Ufa, Russia, a yoga teacher and instructor who loves to travel.
I stayed for six days in Bihar and particularly Bodhgaya. Six days of all possible emotions clashing with one another to grab some space in my head. I made haste to some of the iconic places in Bodhgaya and Nalanda including the mahabodhi Temple, Nalanda University, Bodhi tree, 80 feet buddha statue and to some monastery and Stupa’s as well.

I don’t get it. I couldn’t keep myself away from the mahabodhi Temple, it was so beautiful and gave me inner peace. There are many Buddhist meditation institutes in Bodhgaya. People from all over the world belonging to any religion can study and meditate on Buddha’s teachings in the meditation center. I went for long mediations in Bodhgaya every morning and it was so relaxing. When you are at bodhgaya you are totally on the lands of Buddha where you get to learn so much.

Bihar has a rich history of panoramic culture, colorful tradition and diverse religious beliefs. Bodhgaya, one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage centers in the world has put Bihar on the world map. I had a very enriching experience both mentally and spiritually. I had conversation about Bihar with many strangers and heard to people’s perspectives about this place everyday. I would like to suggest all the travellers to dedicate at least a couple of weeks to explore, understand, and feel the spirituality and the innate peace that Bodhgaya brings to the soul.

During my tour I also went to Nalanda, the ancient seat of learning which has such a beautiful history. One of the oldest universities of the world. It is a great attraction for Scholars and thinkers from all over the world.

I can’t simplify it in just six days and I am surely planning my next trip for a longer period and continue my journey to the land of Enlightment and Knowledge, Bihar.



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