The spring season is here with a gift for all of us visiting the holy land of Bodhgaya. We can see leaves falling from the Bodhi tree, under which Gautam Buddha attained enlightment. There is a popular culture and demand of these sacred leaves which people consider as token of awakening and enlightment.

Picture courtesy: Doodledoy

They preserve the heart shaped leaf from Bodhgaya for several years, gift it to their special ones or just frame it. It is illegal to cut a leaf from the Bodhi tree and no one can collect a leaf unless it falls naturally.  We can see people all around the Bodhitree who are eagerly waiting to collect the golden leaves as soon as it falls.

Marpa Mahamudra, from Barcelona took the holy leaf to discover Buddha’s mind from Bodhgaya twenty five years back. He has still managed to preserve it.

Picture courtesy: Marpa Mahamudra

“For me the leaf is a symbol of the practice of dharma that leads to buddhahood. The awakened mind of buddha can always be found under the shadow of the boddhitree i.e practice of Dharma” he says.

Picture courtesy: Joshua Dawes

Buddha understood the ultimate potential within himself while meditating under the bodhi tree about 2,500 years back and the tradition still continues. People collect back the leaf as love from Buddha.

Afzal Khan, who is a student of films in Delhi recently visited Bodhgaya and collected a leaf from there.

Picture courtesy: Afsal Khan

“The Bodhi tree had sent a leaf to me. I must be such a lucky person or such a good person. It reminds me of the ultimate potential hidden inside me”, Afzal.

Everyone has different reasons to take away the Bodhi leaf back home with them but what binds them together is their love for Bodhgaya and Buddha.


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    You are doing such a great job.and thanks for making a specific information website for bihar.i’m satyam belongs from banka district of bihar and i want request you please write about #mandar_hill very famous place of thanks for your great work keep working and keep exploring and love our bihar.

  2. I feel very proud & it gives me immense pleasure to see you guys doing a wonderful job related to our state Bihar. Me living in Delhi, have often seen people making fun of our state & criticizing it but deep in my mind I had always wished that there should have been blogs or websites like yours which gives people proper & genuine knowledge of our state. Moreover, I am very happy to see these young minds working on such projects & I wish them all the very best for their future. I hope that their hard work will be able to revive our culture & its importance in a better way & would connect to people on an even better platform.

  3. A must visiting place…that gives utmost happiness to be to understand the total enlightening of life. It always teaches us the lesson to live life for others sake…as Budhha did sacrifice his life for the uplifting of the general masses. Thank you bihar bytes for this information.

  4. Wow lovely Story, I just forgot to bring my leaf but this time I will surely bring one for myself. I is really very special.

  5. बेहद सादगी के साथ बिहार के रंगों को दर्शाने की कोशिश है। तस्वीरों और लेखन का अंदाज काबिल-ए-तारीफ है। शुक्रिया


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