The seat of Enlightment ” A documentary that captivates, enlightens and awares.
MSN Kartik , a filmmaker who makes travel films and travel documentaries captured the true spirit of the holy buddhist site through his travel film “Bodhgaya: the seat of enlightment”

Bodhgaya , the “Mecca of buddhism” is a city situated in south Bihar . A UNESCO world heritage site , this city is where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightment under the mahabodhi tree and became The Buddha, the torch of Buddhism.

Bodhgaya welcomes more than 2 million pilgrims and tourist every year in Mahabodhi temple to perform several meditations and prechings. This city is undoubtebly the birth place of Buddhism.

The documentary of MSN Karthik take us deep into buddhism. It awares us about the religion and its teachings. It also talks about the journey of Buddha and other monks to the enlightment. Through the film , one can actually take a sneak peek into the ancient city of Bodhgaya and Buddhism.

The film shows Dechen, a student  of Buddhism who hails from Bhutan , he explains how buddhism changed his life . The film has a very spiritual touch that you can only experience when you watch it.

Next time when you go to Bodhgaya , don’t forget to take a Bodhi Tree leaf. Mind it that you might have to wait for too long for one to fall from the tree. Don’t miss the leaf.


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