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Bihar is an eastern state of India. The name Bihar is derived from Sanskrit and Pali word ‘Vihara’ which means ‘ abode ‘ or ‘monestry’. The state has been the abode of Buddism since the ancient times. The culture and heritage of Bihar can be observed from the ancient monuments and scriptures spread throughout the state. Bihar has been welcoming more than 24 million tourists every year from around the globe. The state has been a centre of knowledge and enlightenment for the world since time and again. Bihar is a paradise for history lovers,  archaeologists  and people who love to see great architecture and diversity of culture.

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Things to know about Bihar
1 ) Bihar is the state where in Bodhgaya,  Gautama Siddhartha became the Buddha, and the world got a spiritual leader who moved the world for centuries with his teachings. Bodhgaya is called as the ” Mecca” of Buddhism.
2) Gautama Siddhartha ( Buddha) attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.
3) Bihar gave the world it’s first republic.
4) The earliest Universities in the world was established in Bihar.
5) Nalanda University was established during the 5th century A. D. The University is now a UNESCO world heritage site. It is considered as the first residential university in the world.
6) Bihar is the Centre of Buddhism,  Jainism and Sikhism.
7) Many important non-religious books like Arthsastra and kamasutra were composed here in Bihar
Visit Bihar and experience the enlightenment!
Bihar Tourism has something for everyone. For people who want to spend on experience, Bihar will give you a glimpse of History, culture and enlightenment.


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Patna is the capital city of Bihar which is also called as Patliputra. Patna is among India’s five cities which has never been destroyed . Patna is home  to Bihar Museum, a contemporary landmark exhibiting  the history of coins and sculptures which has been excavated in Bihar. Patna is also a Landmark for sikhism as it is the birth place of Sikh guru Gobind singh saheb.


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Nalanda is famous for the great Nalanda University which was a great centre for learning for centuries. People from all around the world has been here as a student centuries ago. It’s also a unesco world heritage site.
At its peak, the school attracted scholars and students from near and far with some travelling all the way fromTibet, china and korea.


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Rajgir is one of the ancient city which was home of many buddhist monks for centuries. Surrounded by hills, it’s known for its holy sites. Remains of the Cyclopean Wall, which encircled the city centuries ago, still stand in the center. It’s one of the major tourist spot in current time where every year more than a million tourists mark their presence.


Bodhgaya is called as the mecca of budhism around the world. Buddhism arose from bodhgaya. Gautama siddhartha, who was born in Lumbini, nepal attained enlightenment under the bodhitree which is still there in bodhgaya. Samrat Ashoka built mahabodhi temple to mark the exact position of where Buddha got enlightenment. Mahabodhi complex is a UNESCO world heritage sites. Every year 10 days kalachakra festival is organised in Bodhgaya which invites more than one lakh people from around the globe and his holiness dalailama too. Dalailama give his teaching to the people and thousands of monks pray for world peace.


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Sasaram is a city of Bihar where the moseluem of king Shershah suri is situated. An archaeological survey of India protected site which is amongst one of the most visited tourist attraction of Bihar. Shershah suri introduced rupaiyaa to the country.
There are many other sites in Sasaram such as the ancient mundeshwari temple, tarachandi temple and Rohtas fort.


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Vaishali is considered as one of the first examples of Republic in the world. It was here in 599BCE the 24th Jain Bhagwan Mahavira was Born and brought up so it is considered as the most pious sites for the jain people. It contain one of the best preserved pillars of Ashoka, topped by a single Asiatic Lion.

There are many more reasons and places in Bihar which makes this state the centre of India’s heritage. Don’t  forget to visit Bihar,  the heritage capita of India. Experience the beauty of Bemisal Bihar with us! We love Bihar, We are Bihar Bytes!


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