Sunday, April 21, 2019

is the heritage capital of India, the birthplace of Buddhism and Jainism still tourism or travel destinations of Bihar have always been underrated by a lot of big travel magazines, websites and people of India and abroad. We are surprised that many travel websites when talking about Bihar don’t keep a positive approach towards this beautiful state. Bihar is on no one’s travel list. We at Bihar Bytes are on an endeavour to promote the travel of Bihar by featuring travel stories and films of Bihar. Every travel destination has its soul, essence, challenges and beauty and so is Bihar. We are delighted to give Bihar it’s first travel website and youtube travel channel.

We want to share the beauty of Bihar with the world and tell them that Bihar can be on their travel list as an absolute Holy Grail travel place and accessible too. Bihar Bytes is on a mission to promote our rich culture and heritage, hence promoting tourism in Bihar. We are here with an idea, the idea to reinvent the way people explore Bihar. We love Bihar. We are Bihar Bytes.

This is one platform that’ll become your lifeline when you are travelling to Bihar.

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